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Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?”

Excerpt from The Summer Day, Mary Oliver, Poet

Our Vision

What is an Executive and Life Transition Coach:

We are focused on guiding our clients towards finding their own authentic, personal wisdom. We assist our clients in the application of that wisdom in both their personal and professional lives.

What We Do: Leadership, Career, and Retirement Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leaders are the stewards of organizational energy – in companies, organizations, and families. They can inspire or demoralize others, first by how effectively they manage their own energy, and second by how well they mobilize, focus, invest and renew the collective energy of those they lead.

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I’ve known and worked with Carol for about 15 years. She is a highly energized, inspired and passionate human resources and organization development professional. Carol is intuitive, analytical and experienced in her approach to maximizing the value of people in an organization. She is strategic in outlook, yet also detailed as circumstances require. I first brought her in as an organization development consultant to support my transformation of our leadership team’s capabilities. Her effectiveness in that role morphed into a full time leadership role in our Human Capital function in response to changes in that department. As Director, Human Capital, she helped guide the department to a much higher level of effectiveness that had a positive impact on our organization and business performance.

Mark Bair,
President & CEO, Americas at T. Hasegawa USA

Career Coaching

With every transition we face in life, one door closes, another door opens. It happens every single time. Endings ALWAYS bring new, positive beginnings. All transitions have both negative and positive qualities to them. They are all stressful.

Career transition is no different. You could be promoted; you could be fired. Both transitions have the potential to shake your world and toss you into a major transition-adjustment process. However, in the end, all transitions offer the gift of positive growth and positive life changes. That is their purpose!

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Carol Segrave has been an extremely effective Career Transition Counselor, currently helping me navigate the tricky process of getting started with a new career in a new industry. She leverages considerable powers of sensitivity and insight to discern what I am bringing to the table as a job candidate. Most importantly (and which is the reason I am happily working with her) is that she understands this even better than I do. She is a friend, coach, confidante, mentor, and task master. At the time of this writing, our collaboration has facilitated a process whereby I've re-branded myself, honed a fantastic resume, and begun interviewing with confidence and thorough preparation. Looking forward to taking you out when I've landed that job, Carol

Alan Gaskill,
Storyteller at Seenfire

Pre-Post Retirement Coaching

By the time we reach retirement age, at fifty or even eighty, each of us have weathered our own share of success and failure, gain and loss, love and fear, sickness and health, life and death. All of that adds up to a hefty amount of positive and negative experiences. However, our rich life experiences do not prepare us automatically to slide easily into the picture perfect pre-retirement/post retirement life stage.

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Carol and I became fast friends in our study of Spanish at Santa Monica Jr. College. Learning about her coaching directions, I decided to take the Birkman and have Carol coach me through the analysis and into a new pre-retirement direction. I was so very impressed by both Carol and the Birkman. I usually take these types of personality assessments with some hesitation as to their scientific validity. However, the Birkman proved to be so profoundly insightful in its methodology of comparing interests, needs and stressors that I found myself looking back at old patterns of behavior in my career, validating them, and then using that knowledge to propel me in entirely new directions for my semi-retirement. Along the way the results also helped me in my relationship with my significant other helping both of us (she decided to use the Birkman as well!) understand those patterns of behavior that would create stressors as we navigated post retirement together. But unlike any other survey I've taken so far, this survey actually gives one a great deal of directional advice. points out and categorizes characteristics and interests into easily understandable charts  but the methodology also allows one, with coaching, to pin-point what one actually wants to spend one's time doing.

Marsha Smith,
Director, Computational Research at UCLA

Our Team

Carol Segrave
President, Segrave Associates

Carol has been coaching people to to their potential for the past 25 years.  

As a life coach in the greater Los Angeles area and a certified Birkman Method Coach, Carol Segrave is one of Organizational Development’s most respected experts on leadership development, executive coaching, team building and entrepreneurship. As president of Segrave & Associates, Carol has been coaching leaders and their teams to world-class performance for the past 25 years. Her C-suite clients say that Carol is their preferred secret weapon.

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Debra Balamos
Consultant and Coach

Specializes in entertainment marketing and leadership coaching.

Debra’s career began while living in Chicago working for Showtime Networks. There, Debra learned about the business of building TV networks and content: developing successful marketing plans and distribution strategies, being competitive while maintaining integrity, connecting with meaningful partnerships and, most important, what it takes to create and be a part of a world class team.

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Marsha Smith
Consultant, Multimedia Storytelling

Marsha Smith worked over 20 years at UCLA and in her final role provided leadership and strategic planning for computational research at UCLA. She left UCLA to pursue a burning interest in multimedia and storytelling and its therapeutic value on individuals and families. She has created many integrated video, film, photographic, and narrative “life stories” for her family and friend community and is now pursuing this as a coaching strategy for pre-post retirement consulting.

Carol was instrumental in helping me find new work after I was laid off from Time Warner. Her approach, first with the personality profile, then with positive motivation kept me on the path to find something new and fulfilling. Which I did. I give so much credit to her for her role in finding me new work that ended up being a very successful job for me. I have continued to use her throughout my career.    

Susie Franz,
Administrative Supervisor at Russ Reid Company

Our Life Assessment Tool

Carol Segrave: Certified in the Birkman Method:

Building better insights into people is the driving force behind creative solutions, trusting relationships, effective processes, and action-oriented goals.

The Birkman Method helps unveil these hidden qualities within leaders, teams, and  individuals.

The Birkman Method, provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behavior and work (life) satisfaction across different situations. This scientific, qualitative and quantitative, method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.

Unlike other personality assessments, The Birkman Method integrates behavioral and career data into one assessment, allowing our clients to target many applications through the completion of only one questionnaire.

Specific application uses of The Birkman Method include:

  • Leadership Development|
  • Team Building
  • Career Exploration
  • Life Transition

As human beings we seek fulfillment from our roles, careers, and decisions about where to go with our lives.  The Birkman Method is the only assessment that is able to get to the heart of an individual’s underlying needs, which, when fulfilled, provide the comfort and motivation that enables us to thrive.

The Birkman Method measures many aspects of personality, including:

  • Interests – Activities you enjoy and are motivated by in your work and personal life
  • Usual Behavior – Your effective and productive behavioral style for tasks and relationships
  • Underlying Needs – How you need to be or expect to be treated by other people and your environment
  • Stress Behavior – Your ineffective and unproductive behavioral style when your Needs are unmet
  • Career Data – 22 job families, 200+ unique job titles

Carol is very good at helping people understand themselves and each other. In the three years we have worked together, she has definitely made her mark on the Management Team at enXco (now EDF Renewable Energy) and on its corporate culture. She has helped us clearly identify the elements, characteristics and qualities of that culture and has been watchful to assure we maintain it. Everyone (and we are so different with such different needs) has taken something away. She has been very good at opening each of us up, giving advice and recommendations in a firm way, but without being forceful or ever judging anyone thanks to her ability to listen, her genuine interest and her integrity.

Tristan Grimbert,
President and CEO, EDF Renewable Energy

Our Many Clients

Our Fees

Carol Segrave, President of Segrave Associates will be your first point of contact. She offers very flexible and cost efficient ways to start the process.  Find a plan that suits you and contact carol through our contact form below. Please let her know whether you want to sign up for our newsletter/blog, or have a one-on-one session using the options below.

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One Hour Consult with Skype or Facetime ($175.00)

I can speak by phone with you or I can Skype or FaceTime to discuss specific questions and concerns about the challenge  you are facing. You can then decide on the path you want to take and if you would like to consider a longer term engagement.

Birkman Assessment and Feedback Session($500.00)

Spend time with me taking the Birkman survey, going over the results and then, if you choose, continuing to work with me to develop your plan.

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Carol Segrave worked for multiple years with EDF-EN as an executive coach to the management team. Her work was instrumental in helping the team assess strengths/weaknesses and working styles thru the Birkman methodology. In addition to helping teams work more effectively, she led directed efforts with individuals to provide executive coaching to accelerate their performance. Carol was a vital part of the success of the team. She provides a thoughtful approach on assessing an organization and helping individuals take their performance to the next level. I would recommend her without reservation.

David Kirpatrick,
Director at Marathon Capital

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